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Intermediate skill level. Average grade about 3%.  Can be ridden in either direction.  Often ridden from bottom of Bullrun to the top of Bullrun to create a looped ride.

Start of Trail: Trail starts at the 313 parking area.  Find the sign directly at the top of the trail.  Ridden from the 313 parking lot, this downhill trail loses about 330 feet of elevation from start to finish.  OR if ridden from the 4-way intersection, as part of the Mag 7 Looped Ride, expect a moderate uphill climb. 


Description: Downhill or uphill moderately rocky ride with great views of Monitor and Merrimac Buttes and the Sevenmile Wash canyons. The trail crosses Metal Masher jeep road and other 2-tracks several times before reaching Arth’s Corner/Great Escape/Bullrun Trailhead OR the 313 parking area. This allows numerous points to bailout and return to Gemini Bridges road and your car.


Bull Run

Downhill option.  Beefy intermediate riding.  

Start of the Trail:  Trail starts 1.6 miles down Gemini Bridges Road after turning off SR-313.  OR ride Upper Getaway to the Bull Run intersection. 


Description: Several sections of the trail are near a cliff edge so controlling your speed is advised.  Be ready for rocky sections, punchy climbs, technical descents and some climbing. The ride is mostly on sandstone (Kayenta Fm) through a Pinion and Juniper forest. Views of the La Sals, Behind The Rocks, & Bull Canyon are stunning. Stay on the trail.


Great Escape

Advanced riding.  Physically demanding, twisting downhill on solid rock.  Can be ridden in both directions.  Typically ridden in the downhill direction.

Start of Trail: Starts at the Bull Run/Getaway/Arth's Corner 4-way junction.  Usually ridden as part of the Magnificent 7 Shuttled Ride.  Can be ridden as part of the Magnificent 7 Loop Ride.

Description: Winding technical, slow, downhill on solid rock.  Be ready for sharp turns, steep moves and advanced moves.  Surface is mostly sandstone, with beautiful views of the La Sal mountain range.  

Great Escape

Little Canyon

Intermediate to advanced riders. Physically demanding. Can be ridden in both directions.  Typically ridden as part of the Mag 7 Loop Ride after riding Great Escape.  

Start of Trail: Ride from the Great Escape and Little Canyon intersection towards Arth's Corner.  OR if riding from Arth's corner, starts at the junction of Metal Masher 4x4 Road. 

Description: Uphill with technical burst moves.  Rolling rocks of sandstone with challenging moves in either an uphill or downhill direction.  Watch for desert roots and lizards.

Little Canyon
Arth's Corner

Arth's Corner

Intermediate plus riders. Can be ridden in both directions.  Typically ridden as part of the Mag 7 Loop Ride.  

Start of Trail: If riding the Mag 7 Loop Ride, start the trail at the Metal Masher 4x4 road/Little Cnayon Intersection.  OR if riding in the downhill direction, start at the Bull Run/Getaway/Great Escape intersection. 


Description: Technical uphill moves thru Pinyons and Junipers. Follow the paint marks carefully. Stay on the trail to protect microbiotic soil gardens.

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